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Recipes How to Make Green Bean Porridge Ketan Black Madura Delicious and Savory

Recipes How to Make Green Bean Porridge Ketan Black Madura Delicious and Savory 

Hello friends foodies, is he the favorite food of Indonesian people at night, black rice porridge green beans. Not only porridge tasty and delicious, but the green bean porridge is very warm us.Green bean porridge black glutinous rice is commonly sold at night on the roadside. Instead we bought it just to eat porridge once, we better make yourself at home and can be eaten several times.And more delicious again, in addition to green bean porridge can we eat with warm, we can eat green bean porridge by using ice cubes. So deh iced green bean porridge: p.
Green Bean Porridge Recipe Ketan Special Black MaduraIllustration Green Bean Porridge Recipe Pictures Ketan Black Special Madura The Simple And Delicious
Materials Needed In the Make Green Bean Porridge Recipe Ketan Black Madura Delicious And Lumpy

3 liters of milk of 2 coconuts

3 centimeters peeled ginger (crushed)

250 grams of green beans (soaked for 1 hour or overnight)

500 grams sugar

1000 ml of water

2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp vanilla powder

2 pieces of pandan leaves
Materials for Ketan Black

1 pandan leaves

200 grams of black sticky rice (soak for 2 hours or overnight)

1000 ml of water

1/4 tsp salt
Complementary For Green Bean Porridge Recipe Ketan Black The Tasty And Delicious

sweetened condensed milk

5 pieces of white bread (cut according to taste)

50 grams kolang forth

50 grams of jackfruit (cut according to taste)
How to Make Green Bean Porridge Ketan Black Madura The Simple And Easy

First black glutinous rice steamed for 20 minutes to bloom.
Then boil 1000 ml of water and input black rice, salt and pandan leaves. Cook until absorbed. Once cooked, remove from heat and Green Bean Porridge sisihkan.Resep Ketan Special Black Madura
Prepare the green beans and boil 100ml of water. Enter the green beans and boil until softened.
When the green beans begin to soften, put coconut milk, ginger, pandan leaves, sugar and vanilla, stirring gently. Boil and cook until fragrant smell.Once cooked, you can serve green bean porridge warm with black rice and its complementary if you like. Welcome to try it at home yaa: D.
The original recipe boil the green beans at the same time mixing the spices into it. Because in my opinion, it will result into less tender green beans and long blossoming. Therefore, I first boil until completely soft and then enter the spices. Good luck yaa :-)
Tips on How to Make Green Bean Porridge Ketan Black The Tasty And DeliciousSo the results in accordance with our expectations, we should see the first tips that are useful when we planned to cook this recipe. Okee, here are tips to make green bean porridge black glutinous savory and delicious, you can follow these tips, or you want to add more tips? : D.
    Keep green beans soak overnight, this will facilitate faster cooking process becomes mature. It should be noted when soaking the green beans have to use a lot of water, so that the green beans completely submerged.

You should boil the green beans in advance using water. Remember, do not immediately incorporate sugar into it, because it will result into a long green beans bloom and less tender. Should be boiled first and fill in the spices. If it is less viscous, can add a little rice flour that has been thawed.To the water does not have to always use the dose of the prescription, if adjust the dose of green beans. If the water is shrinking, could add hot water again :-) If you want green bean porridge more tasty and fragrant again, you can boil milk in advance with a little salt and pandan leaves.If you liked the article How to Make Green Bean Porridge Recipe Ketan Special Black Madura Delicious Delicious And here please you like or share via facebook or twitter or google plus so can provide more information about the cookie recipes and dishes and of course can be useful for you all :-)