Tuesday, 29 September 2015


The success of many wonderful and positive thing. shall mean personal welfare success: a nice home, vacation, travel, new experiences, financial security for children and a wife. bearti success of honor, leadership, respected by business partners, and popular diklangan teman.keberhasilan main ter shall mean freedom: freedom from anxiety, fear, frustration and failure. success bearti respect to themselves, continually gets more real happiness and satisfaction from life. able to do more for those who depend on you, and affection that you so cherish. 

The success of winning.
success - achievement - is the purpose of life! every human being wants successEveryone wants the best in life, nobody will be happy to live in poverty or kemelaratan.salah one of the most successful builders wisdom contained in the quotation practical book that says that "faith can move mountains".

believe! if you believe that you can move mountains, then you were able to do it, skepticism runs together with the failure, therefore, throw away much doubt it yourself using duly wrote and awaken your sense of faith and see what happens.

The brain is the mind factory. factories are busy generating countless thoughts every hour every minute and even every second.

factory production in your mind is under the supervision of two foremen are supervisors and foremen kekalahan.mandor victory victory is responsible for generating the mind positive thoughts, he specializes generate reasons reason why you can and you certainly can. was foreman defeat pikranyang generate negative thoughts that decrease the value of self and break your spirit, specialty chain and mind is that "you will fail".

foreman foreman either victory or defeat they are very obedient and subservient to your orders, you need to do the mental preparation nda little to signal to both the foreman. therefore awaken your spirit galih your faith and see what happens ... regards super !!!!

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